Therapy Services

Therapy can help you take responsibility for your life as you develop an understanding of yourself, in which you can feel more calm, centered, and creative.

Austin Wellness, PLLC offers the following options for therapy:

In-Person Therapy—we provide a safe and supportive office environment for counseling services. Traditional in-person therapy offers the comfort of setting aside a time and place for your therapy.

Online Therapy—telehealth services make it easier to access the treatment you need. You can easily connect with your therapist with the technology of the internet connection and a camera.

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Collaborative Divorce Services

We work with divorcing couples to develop a parenting plan while providing clarification, emotional support, and guidance along the way to minimize conflict and enhance successful communication.

Austin Wellness, PLLC can serve in the following neutral roles during the process:

Mental Health Professional—we work collaboratively with all parties to improve communication, reduce misunderstandings, and manage problems that arise during the divorce process.

Child Specialist—couples may wish to enlist the help of a Collaborative Divorce Child Specialist, to work with children, parents, and mental health professionals during the process.

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 LPC – Intern Supervision

We help therapists who have acquired a temporary license and wish to work toward their required internship hours, and who are deeply interested in their personal growth as they learning the art of psychotherapy. My role as a supervisor is to teach clinical tools, mentor ethically, and consult in processing clinical cases.


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Presentations and Continuing Education

In addition to the above services, Austin Wellness, PLLC provides a vast number of professional workshops, seminars, interviews, public speaking and/or CEUs (continuing education units).

Please contact Lisa Blackwood for more information about appearances or continuing education.